American Osteopathic Sleep Association


The American Osteopathic Sleep Association (AOSA) is a national organization focused on improving public awareness about sleep disorders and sleep health, promoting sleep medicine research, and providing a portal for communication between patients, physicians/healthcare professionals and scientists. The AOSA is a member-driven public service project that depends on volunteer efforts. The AOSA works in conjunction with the American Sleep Association. The AOSA's physician organization is the American College of Osteopathic Sleep Physicians (ACOSP).

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- Basic information on sleep
- Symptoms of sleep disorders
- Insomnia treatments
- Information on good sleep health
- Treatments of sleep disorders
- Locate a sleep lab or sleep doctor
- Message board and live chat rooms
- Support groups
- Ask the Sleep Doctor - Live Q&A
  - Information on Sleep Disorders
- Comprehensive sleep research abstract
  database and weekly email notification
- Resources for patients
- Message board and live chat rooms
- Free patient handouts and brochures
- Technologists Section
- Directory of sleep laboratories
- Sleep lab business practice forms
- Job postings
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- Sleep Apnea Info
- What is CPAP?
- Restless Legs
- Children and Sleep
- Narcolepsy
- Clinical Trials
- Ask the Sleep Doctor
- Insomnia Info
- Sleep Lab Directory
- Support Groups
- Night Terrors
- Periodic Leg Movements
- Calendar of Sleep Events
- What is Sleep?
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October 1 - October 7, 2007
Sleep Apnea Awareness Week